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To Britt

While its heartbreaking that you’ve chosen to move on from this world, I find peace in knowing that you are no longer in pain.
Britt, you truly are a wonder.
You are kind.
You are determined.
You are smart and you are powerful.
The intense passion you feel for helping others, even at your own cost.
Despite your anger, your pain and your sadness, you have infinite love to give.
You shared your life with me, the ups, the downs and all in between. For that I am grateful.
The hours we spent laughing at the cats, with the kids, and at the terrible acting in the movies we’d watch until early hours in the morning.
Getting tattoos together.
The stories we would share while we had our painting nights and singing along to your endless playlists together in the car.
You waking me up by poking me on my forehead, or less pleasantly, when you rolled over in your sleep and slapped me in the face.
The copious amounts of party pies and pizza we ate.
When you smacked the guy that treated me badly at my party; you did warn me you were protective.
Dancing in the kitchen to various songs while you taught me how to make the most delicious zucchini balls.
Crying together, laughing together, supporting each other.
An infinite list of precious memories I hold so closely.
I hope that you take a moment to look down and see, feel how much you are loved Britt.
I am so lucky to have known you, to love and be loved by you.
Your soul was much too sensitive for this cold and hard world, you felt things more intensely and deeply than most people. That was always your blessing, but also your curse.
May you rest in peace, love and light. Your spirit lives on in the brightest star in the night sky. Your essence in every hummingbird and your compassion blooming with every cherry blossom. You are unforgettable Britt. Fly high Angel❤️

In Memory of Brittany

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