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Brittany you taught me what real friendship is at such a early stage of our lives, we were two peas in a pod from the moment I walked into Beenleigh PCYC, we shared a lot of child hood years together through Gymnastics and to power tumbling. You are so talented it was a race I would have never been able to keep up, I remember our first try out for MBC so little we were and you crying at the end because I did not make that round, you made me promise to keep coming to the tryouts till we can be together again. A promise I kept 6 months later, I still remember to this day I walked in half way through your training session the look on your face instant happy tears. I have never felt such a strong unexplained bond in my life my first best friend. We spent the next few years being split apart due to your hard work and determination, you never forgot to try and get a sneaky hug in when our paths would cross in the gym. You made sure I was never forgotten, I remember every tearful reunion we would have when ever you left for comps overseas and nationals. I always wondered if you counted the days down till we could train together again like I did but your tears of joy gave me the answer. Such an amazing bond at such a young age, we just understood each others isolated feelings so early in life. I have cherish every good memory we have over the years we spent together and had wish our paths had never parted but I was always watching and cheering you on from far away.

I’m sorry we never got to share an adult hood tearful reunion but I’m sure when it’s my time we will be able to share one again. Thank you for all the love, care and friendship you gave me throughout my childhood.

In Memory of Brittany

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