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Dearest Britt xx

The last two years spent with you have been the most amazing, honest and raw experiences of my life.

We grew very close very quickly over shared pain and you are the most inspirational person I have ever met. Right from the first time we met, I knew you were special. We exchanged our stories – yet you never showed self pity. Everything you ever did was filled with love, care, empathy and compassion.

I saw the intensity of your daily battle, and how hard you worked and tried. Despite the setbacks, you never complained – instead you worried and cared about others.

I can not express how deep my love is for you in words, but I don’t have to because I know you understand.

Meeting and spending time with such a strong person helped me grow, and you have no idea how many lives you touched. Everyone of my friends and family loved you soo much, and many only met you on a few occasions, but would never stop saying what an amazing person you were.

My heart is broken and my sadness is deep, but I understand that you had to go to a better place. You are now free of the pain, and I can’t wait to see you again one day.

There will never be a day when I don’t think about the love I have for you, and the amazing gifts you gave me. You will forever be loved and never ever forgotten.

I love you Britt, and I will see you again in a place filled with joy, peace and love.

You have my heart lovely. ❤🌹


In Memory of Brittany

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