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The first time I ever met you, it was like sunshine personified.
This tiny woman literally running towards me arms outstretched as if we had known each other our entire lives.
You looked at me and your eyes looked directly at my soul. You smiled that beautiful smile and then casually drifted away down the hall.
You were different, you were true, kindness and love just beamed from your body but so did sadness.

You had a way of saying what needed to be said no matter how tough, the things I needed to hear but didn’t want to listen to so gently.
But my God if anyone crossed you they were in for the the most brutal take down that’s for sure.

Britt, I am so incredibly sorry that it all became too much. I know you didn’t decide to leave us, you were stolen away by the most awful illness. I know that you fought so hard every minute to defeat it and I am so proud of every minute you managed to stay.
I want you to know that you changed me for the better. You showed me that even on the darkest of days to find the light no matter how small of a beam it may be.

In every darkness I promise you I will search for that crack of light and know it’s you, because nothing can ever extinguish your glow.

I love you today and everyday, and I miss you every minute.
Wherever you are I hope we can meet there one day, until then xxx

In Memory of Brittany

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