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‘One day each of our times will come. It’s our job to live a life that we are remembered for. It’s not something that should be measured in years but instead it should be measured in achievements.’ Britt, you have achieved more in your time than most can only dream. It was natural to you though. You were able to switch between sports, disciplines and focus yourself on achieving whatever you put your mind to.

For me though, it is not only your sporting achievements that amazed me. It was your heart. You were the most pure person I ever knew. You knew everything about me, and whether I openly told you or not, you would get it out of me.

It was the middle of the night in Spain on my 19th birthday. I kept this birthday quiet, deleted social media for the day so that I didn’t get a bunch of messages. The past 12 months had not been easy. I had been trying to find my next steps in life, trying to find my identity. I had been for the past number of years really but I found that time of my life particularly hard. I felt a bit down knowing I had achieved all I could in sport and entering a new phase as an engineer that would take many, many years to achieve what I wanted. The next thing I knew was I received a message on Snapchat. ‘Happy Birthday Lukey’. I think you were in Utah at the time, but you just made me forget about everything going through my head just talking about random different things until late in the night.

We had always been close, ever since we met at a small gymnastics competition in around 2008. Straight away your bubbly attitude made me smile in a sport where people shied away from their true selves. We got to experience travelling around the country and world together before we went on different paths and you did something amazing, becoming one of the best Aerial Skiers in the country. We never lost touch though, always sharing good times and bad.

Since I moved to the UK and you were spending a lot of time away from home, I always knew you were just a phone call away. I would call when I was happy, sad, drunk and walking home from nights out. No matter what day it was you always seemed to know that I was struggling. I always tried to change the subject to ask about you but you would be very stubborn and with your innate ability to understand others feelings, listen and give the best advice we would talk for hours often. There was one point when we thought we would both take a break from our respective careers and spend the year travelling around the UK and Europe, doing a ski season through the winter. I felt that we were both looking to escape in some way and I wish we could have made it happen. Although it didn’t, we still made sure we could rely on each other whenever needed. You were the first person to realise I was having a son without any real indication, the person who asked how my other half was without ever meeting her and always telling me that I had become the person you knew I could be. I’m so thankful for the time you gave me, thankful for your never ending advice and if it wasn’t for you putting me first, I don’t think I would have made it through my darkest times or made it to today.

I feel that recently you were able to accept certain aspects of yourself that you kept so personal to yourself Britt. You found new ventures, people you could trust and that made me so proud to see. We never stopped talking, ‘Happy Birthday Lukey’ each year and ‘Happy Birthday Britt’ with me always questioning why you didn’t want anyone to know it was your birthday. In some ways, I don’t feel it was necessarily about the birthdays but about the fact that there is so much more to celebrate than ones age. No matter how much time you had with each person who came in your life, I know you made that persons time in your life so special.

I have so many stories that I hold close to my heart that we got to share. I wish I could have done more, I wish I could have one more conversation but ultimately I know you are looking over in peace. Britt, you were an incredible person, talented in every aspect and I will cherish every memory, holding it in my heart for the rest of my life.

Love Lukey. 💛

In Memory of Brittany

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