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A message left by Brittany George 1977 to Shooting star
Cutting Free
“I discovered the secret of the sea in meditation upon a dewdrop”- Kahlil Gibran
“The mindless Body- Meditation consists of two simultaneous processes”- Britts post!
Brittany George left this infinite quote that still remains on her social media, a beautiful reminder not only for me but a blessing to her for listening so deeply. A story that will live with all who knew her and will remain when we are too gone. Written for her voice, of what she believed and what she inadvertently may have, or I like to acknowledge, wanted to express.
Cutting Free, “heading from the chapter of words highlighted”- she did from within- strong and able.
Kahlil Gibran, the prophet was found within her writing, investigated 3 levels deep, shows the depth of her calling for an answer and the appreciation of owning what she had, but could not touch – love.
‘Your children are not your children; they are the sons and daughters of life’s longing for itself. Dad, you housed my body but not my soul- for my soul dwells in the house of tomorrow. You cannot visit me, not even in your dreams- I know you loved me, and you set my mark upon the path of infinite, be glad for me”.
The photo below illustrates the ultimate acknowledgement, respect, moral and ethical balance and direction that her path led. The spiritual side of forgiveness, the accepting guidance of being directed by her forefathers to keep her balanced and let her know she was accepted and loved. Taken from the book of quote- just awe inspiring and taking her life to another level of internal deepness.
I met Brittany George, a dam of potential energy looking for a spillway. A lot of cuts and bruising in her speech of memories. The multiple “ahs (quick breaths) and look away nods followed by mmm’s”- listening one would associate mortals and easy flow of tears but Britt, she had already built her wall and only faint dew upon her youthful cheek was all she ever gave.
Looking back, there was purity in her laugh as we sat under the elm, afternoon cool breeze dancing through the leaves, lemonade in her hand talking to a friend.
I see her still, without expression, silent but safe. I believe she will come again in this life or the next no doubt and I pray that her smile and warm embrace remains.
I will miss you Brittany George, thank you for sharing your stories and trust.
Chris T x

In Memory of Brittany

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