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In your short time with us, you achieved more than any mortal could have possibly dreamed

Fly free, happy and high – Our beautiful Princess!


She put on the bravest smile to fool the World

Britt came to us, a wise soul – full of wonder, courage, empathy, compassion and love.
  She was walking at 6 months, and tying her shoe laces at 2 years..


I remember sitting on the floor showing her a few times, and then marvelled at how she spent the next 30 minutes perfecting what we all dismiss as a insignificant daily action. However, to a toddler this was an insurmountable act!

A sign of things to come it seemed..  
From two years of age, Britt relished every minute at Kindy gym. So much so, she quickly became the little star on the floor – a perfect blend of cuteness and talent.

About the same time, I received a call to collect my “problem ADHD” child from day care.
  I arrived and asked why she was such a problem?
“Because she will not do her homework or have her midday nap!!”
I asked exactly what was her homework?
“Join the dots from one to five!” the frumpy carer retorted!
“Britt!” I quietly spoke..: “Can you please write for me what we did on the weekend?”
“Sure dada” she excitedly replied.
“She can’t write!” Scorned the now alarmed witch..
“ On the wee end we wen to the beeh. I plad in the wata…” Britt carefully and articulately began to scribe..  
The look of horror on the teachers face was priceless – a mixture of shock, bewilderment and denial..  
Suffice to say, Britt never returned to that facility again. (after a few very stern words from me)

Another time, I was called to her Prep School because Britt and her Brother were facing reprimand over a vicious altercation.. 
I walked in to see two very sheepish munchkins sitting quite demurely in front of the Principals office..
“What happened guys” I asked..
Cut a long story short – Nathan was playing at smoko, when a group of six bullies from 3 grades above began to push him around. Needless to say – Britt arose to back her brother, but she was promptly shoved to the ground by a big Fat Albert.
“Sweetheart!! What did you do?”

And before she could answer – Nathan chirped in! 
“Dad! She went and got her lunchbox with the frozen Poppers inside! I turned around to see Britt hanging off this guys back hitting him on the head with the lunchbox and those poppers cracking around so loud!”
And it was then I knew Our warrior Princess was destined for amazing feats in life. ☺

Britt gave 110% of her passion, soul and love to everything she focussed on. 
There was nothing she couldn’t do. 
The Coaches at AIS gave up on an aerial skills test because they ran out of routines to test her on..
  She completed 2000 piece puzzles upside down..

Her drawings and paintings were so deep, intuitive and insightful – they break your heart when you grasp their messages..  
She could sing like an angel.
She could weld better than I could.

She presented solutions to any genre of problems in a way that revealed a deep understanding of the universe itself…

No matter how bad her day was going, she was always selflessly there for anyone who needed help.
 She travelled the world touching hundreds of hearts with her energy and compassion.

She amazed everyone who knew her…
But she was stubborn and trusted no one..
  She hurt deeply and in solitude – pushing everyone away because she didn’t want to be a burden..

She put on the bravest smile to fool the world

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One of Australia’s most promising Olympic aspirations has died aged 24-years-old.


I draw to re-experience feelings and emotions. For me it's like listening to music.


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